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Fish Hatchery in Franschhoek
The Fish Hatchery in Franschhoek
Ova Rainbow trout eggs are laid naturally from autumn through to early spring. By importing in our summer months from the Northern Hemisphere, we are able to achieve year round fry production. Careful record keeping means that every batch of trout is fully traceable back to the eggs they were raised from.
Alevin The newly hatched fish are called alevins, and they feed from their large yolk sacs.
Fry When the trout begin to feed for themselves, they are known as fry. After two weeks in the hatchery troughs they are moved out to the nursery.
Fingerlings Once the fry move to the nursery they are called fingerlings. They grow very fast in the ideal Franschhoek water condition. When they reach between 1g and 2g, they are carefully transported to Katse in special tanks with oxygen and filtration systems.
The transport to the Lesotho Highlands is a specialized task, taking some 20 hours and covering over 1200 km each way. Continual oxygen and water quality monitoring ensures the fry are delivered in good condition, and stress free.