Katse fish farms

Royale Highlands Trout



Three Streams Smokehouse in Franschhoek
"Traditionally cured, naturally smoked with modern standards" We care deeply for our planet, so we choose our fish from sustainably farmed operations with full traceability. Wild caught fish are sourced from controlled and approved fisheries.

Curing our Fish When the Salmon and Trout arrive at the Smokehouse in Franschhoek we hand select the best fish for curing using traditional methods. For 25 years we have used a secret recipe that perfectly balances the sea salt and sugar. We then rest the cured sides for at least 12 hours to allow the unique blend to gently mature.

Our Smoke Time honoured techniques combined with modern standards produce a truly luxurious product of exceptional taste. Our kilns use horizontal airflow to ensure equal smoke flow over the fillets. To guarantee consistency of flavours we reverse the airflow every 30 seconds. During the smoking process, the fillets develop a deep, rich colour, the texture changes and the full smoky flavours ensue. Our master smoker removes the fillets when they are perfectly smoked. They are rapidly chilled to lock in the finest textures and flavours. We smoke our fish using only French oak shavings from wine barrels crafted in the Cape Winelands.